General Information


The John Cranko Schule consists of the Ballet School of the State Theatre Stuttgart and the State Ballet Academy – a Vocational School. The school is financed by the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the City of Stuttgart. The school year is the same as that of state schools. An admission is possible at any stage of the training. Condition for admission is a passed entrance examination.

Ballet School

Lessons for Pre School take place in the afternoon so that the students may attend state school in the morning.

Pre School

Pre School 1 (age 7)
60 - 90 minutes 1 x per week
Encouragement of musical and rhythmical talent

Pre School 2 (age 8)
60 - 90 minutes 2 x per week
Encouragement of musical and rhythmical talent

Pre School 3 (age 9)
60 - 90 minutes 3 x per week
Development of physical abilities and preparation for the basic training

Pre School 4 (age 10)
60 - 90 minutes 4 x per week
Development of physical abilities and preparation for the basic training
Pre School

Basic Training

Class 1 (age 10)
90 minutes 6 x per week (Monday to Saturday)
Classical technique and repertoire

Classes 2 - 6 (ages 11 - 16)
90 - 180 minutes 6 x per week (Monday to Saturday)
Classical technique, repertoire and according to the age:
Pas de deux, contemporary dance, improvisation,
Spanish dance, castagnettes
Basic Training

State Ballet Academy / Vocational School

The State Ballet Academy / Vocational School is a two-year programme. Students up to the age of 18 are admitted; exceptions are possible. Conditions for admission to the Academy are a high standard of technical proficiency in classical dance and a completed academic school education. The tuition is full-time and includes the following subjects: classical technique, variations, repertoire, Pas de deux, character dance / Spanish dance, contemporary dance, improvisation, pointe work, German, English, sociology, dance history, music history and theory, anatomy / dance theory and make-up. At the end of the first year there is a theoretical examination, at the end of the second year there is a practical final examination. After passing the final examination the students leave the Ballet Academy as state-certified classical dancers. The education at the Academy is free of charge. However, the students need to pay for their board and lodging. Private rooms or nearby dormitories may be considered for accommodation.

Performances – Competitions - Tours

By participating in a large number of performances of the Stuttgart Ballet and the Opera of the Wuerttemberg State Theater, the students acquire a feeling for the stage and work in a theater. In addition,several school performances take place each year. Numerous guest performances have brought the John Cranko Schule to various German cities as well as countries such as Russia, Poland, France, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Greece, USA, Canada and Mexico. Students of the John Cranko Schule have repeatedly been awarded with prizes at the most renowned ballet competitions.

Price list

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Residence Hall / Lunch / Homework Club

Connected to the Ballet School is a Residence Hall with 32 places (mostly twin rooms) into which non-local students of classes 1 to 6 (ages 10 to 16) can be admitted. The Residence Hall is professionally staffed and meals are provided by the cafeteria. The students attend nearby state schools. During the holidays the Residence Hall is closed. Day students can have lunch in the school as well; students ages 10 to 14 may also attend the Homework Club which offers supervision for homework and leisure time.