Entrance Examination

Admission to the school is possible at any stage of the training.
The entrance examination takes place in form of a training suitable for the age of the applicant. An examination by the school orthopaedist is also required for an admission.
After entry to the John Cranko Schule the probation period for students of the Ballet School is six months, and three months for students of the Ballet Academy.
In order to participate in the entrance examination it is necessary to apply in good time. Thus please request the application documents and indicate your postal address.

John Cranko Schule
Urbanstrasse 94
70190 Stuttgart
Phone +49 (0) 711.28539-0
E-mail: grolms@john-cranko-schule.de


Entrance examinations for the school term 2014 / 2015

The date for the entrance examinations for the school term 2014/2015 is as follows:

Saturday 24th May 2014
(Closing date for applications: 10th Apil 2014)
  • Pre School 1 and 2
    (ages 6 - 7)*
  • Pre School 3 and 4
    (ages 8 - 9)*
  • Ballet School with option of Residence Hall
    (ages 10 - 16)*
  • State Ballet Academy / Vocational School
    (ages 16 - 18)*

* The age of the student at the beginning of the school term 2014 / 2015 is relevant.

In order to apply, please let us have your postal address and indicate your age. You will then receive our application form. Please fill in the application form in BLOCK LETTERS and return it to us along with the relevant photos or documents as listed on the application form. Please do not send your application or any photos by e-mail.

Further information about the procedure of the examination will be sent to you after receipt of your application form.

Students from abroad

Students from abroad may send a DVD with the application form instead of auditioning personally.

The DVD should show approx. 30 - 45 min. class („barre“, „center“ and „jumps“) and if available, parts of performances, competitions or repertoire in studio.

"You Tube" links and other uploads will not be accepted.

Please send all documents by postal service.
Closing date for DVD applications: 16th May 2014